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What is Alpha Omega Campus Ministry?

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

alpha omega campus ministry

Alpha Omega Campus Ministry exists to reach and nurture college students. Alpha Omega seeks to mobilize & train students to be with Jesus, become like Jesus, and do what Jesus did.

At Central Oregon Community college, Alpha Omega campus ministry is a non-denominational Christian group associated with the Bend International Church of Christ. We dedicate ourselves to imitating Jesus Christ, and to have a fellowship of believers living like the 1st-century church of Acts. We have weekly Thursday Bible discussions, Tuesday prayer walks, personal bible studies, and lots of other activities on campus!

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Our goal is to help college students discover what it means to follow Jesus, and create a community that helps each other do just that. Alpha Omega is a place for students to make lifetime friends, and experience personal growth through a deep, personal relationship with God and other Christians. Our ministry participates in game nights, devotionals, hikes, retreats, and other recreational events in an effort to build family, and meet new people in the community.

Click here for current events and more information on Alpha Omega at COCC!

Around the Pacific Northwest, we work with Alpha Omega Campus ministries in Palouse, Spokane, Eugene, Bellingham, Seattle, and more!

College ministry is about bringing the church to the people, and planting the gospel within their context. Many students work or study full time, and may not be able to go to a church across town. This is why we meet on campus, where students already study, work, eat, and live. This way students can share the gospel with one another and follow Jesus where they're already at.

College is one of the most formational times of a young person's life. Every year, students find themselves in a new context, disconnected from their previous friends, family, and church.

Here are some alarming statistics:

  • 89 – 93% of students abandon their faith in college, some for a season, and some for a lifetime.

  • Secular professors may sometimes be antagonistic towards Christian morals and virtues in an attempt to undermine a student’s Christian values.

  • Secular humanism has replaced ALL other religions as the “philosophy of choice” by a large number of professors and “intellectuals” in academia

Click here for current events and more information on Alpha Omega at COCC!


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