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Simple But Not Simplistic

Look at scriptures with a fresh pair of eyes in obedience and discovery based discipleship.

Weekly Content

A 7 week E-course with interactive modules, videos, and PDFs - all free!

Cohort Based Learning

Discipleship is better in community, with encouragement and support!

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10% Training

20% Connecting
& Discussing

70% Putting into Practice 

A transformational learning style


Best way to access pathway!

Equipping you to multiply with our Disciple Making Pathway E-course, digital Disciple Making Community, an ongoing coaching forum, as well as blogs, podcasts, virtual events, and much much more!

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Rich Hackett, Eugene OR

"I came into this training pathway assuming I was going to be taught another evangelism technique. Instead, I learned that it was more about a heart and lifestyle change that imitated the 'why' to live and share as Jesus did, not just the how. How incredibly refreshing and fruitful it is proving to be. Thank you." 
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