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Bend church beliefs

We are a non-denominational Christian Church. We believe that everyone should form strong Biblical convictions and connect with a local community to have a strong relationship with God. If you would like to have a deeper relationship with God, we would love to connect you with a personal Bible study group so that you can take your discipleship to the next level! 

We belive: ​

  • in being a Biblically-based community of broken people for broken people.

  • that we can be a place where God’s love is visibly acted upon and shown.

  • that God is the one and only God, created all things, and exists in three personas as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; all separate, yet one.

  • all scripture is true, given to us by God, and is meant to be His authority in our lives. It is used to lead us all to true and greater joy and happiness for His glory.

  • Jesus is God in the flesh sent to bridge the gap between man and God, to enable us to have a relationship with Him.

  • that everybody has sinned and is in need of a spiritual rebirth.

  • the cross of Jesus and His physical resurrection are at the center of Christianity, and that Jesus died as a sacrificial substitute for the forgiveness of our sins.

  • lack of repentance leads to a physical and spiritual death.

  • the Gospel is the ultimate motivator.

  • it’s not out of obligation or fear that we live our life for God; it’s out of the love He’s shown us that we choose to do so.

  • that discipleship is a command from God, where we are called to baptize new disciples, teach them to obey the father, and maintain healthy relationships with one another.

Downtown Location


Fill out the "plan your visit" form and we will set you up for success with all the information you need! We will make sure you get connected with a member who can guide you to a terrific church experience!

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