We are a new mission team, that planted the church in September of 2019.
We meet occasionaly living room style house churches and at the Bend public library for worship services. 
About our lead couple:
Joseph and Madison Hungerford

Joey is a UofO cinema studies graduate, working for the church previously as a marrieds group leader, purity ministry leader, and media director. He also works seasonally for the non profit  Sea Mercy as a media director. Madison is a UofO international studies graduate, with a focus on non profit administration, which she uses working for the University Church of Eugene as the head administrator. She also does the administration for the Bend ICOC and other house churches. She is a certified grief recovery specialist. Joey and Maddie have been married for three years, partnering in the gospel through evangelism and benevolent work. 

In October of 2017, they answered the call to evangelize Bend, Oregon with the house church planting in the summer of 2019. They look forward to building a spiritual family in central Oregon, centered around families, young professionals, and those who are passionate about media production or benevolent work. 

About House Churches

When we aren't meeting at a larger public venue, we take advantage of the first century style house church format! This gives us an opportunity to be informal with one another in a more intimate family atmosphere. We get to participate in the service with communion meals and Biblical discussion. Be ready to sing to one another, and talk about Jesus! We also host our men and women midweek Bible study services in households. 

About the Bend ICOC

The Bend International Church of Christ is a new house church planting in Bend, Oregon. During this time, the team is seeking disciples who want to move to Bend, or disciples who are interested in a "One Year Challenge Opportunity". We are also seeking families to help with our youth ministry.  Lord willing, God will allow our team to be well rounded, so that we can meet the needs of central Oregon. We pray that our house church will be a welcoming atmosphere of truth and grace. Our ministry will seek to grow and meet the needs of reaching out to the singles, campus students, marrieds, and teenagers of Bend. Message us for the address to our Sunday worship services at 11 AM! Currently we meet at the public library most Sundays. 

© 2019 by Joseph Hungerford.

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